Skin Care Body Lotion – Sometimes Your Body Screams For It

Knowing how to take care of your skin is something everyone should know, not only when you have a problem skin. You should have a few of the basic products at your disposal on a daily basis and one of them is skin care body lotion. Which type of lotions you need depends on the skin type that you have face beauty hq.

Do you know the type of your skin?

There is a really simple trick to determine the skin type that you have. Take a piece of tissue paper, toilet paper will also do, and place that piece on your forehead. Know you have to watch what happens, if it falls of the your skin is dry but when it sticks your skin is probably to oily. Don’t come to that last conclusion after 30 seconds, it really has to stay on for more then five minutes, when it falls of after one or two minutes your skin is normal or a so called combination skin.

Selecting the right product

Now we need to choose the right skin care body lotion for you and there is a large selection to choose from. Hundreds, if not thousands, of products are available and you need to find the one that is perfect for you. This will take some time, and you should take your time and think before you buy. There are a few body lotion product that are worth mentioning here.

Organic Juicy Lime Nourishing Body Cream

This product is a nourishing and very rich body cream. It has a high concentration of anti-aging antioxidants that are very powerful, these will help to take off some years of body and face. Another thing that this body lotion will do is that it will repair any damage you may have and also prevent any more damage occurring with your skin.

Breathe Moisture Wrap In-Shower Body Lotion

This is a body lotion that is designed in such a way that you can use it while you are in the shower. It is a highly hydrating skin treatment, containing Shea Butter, and it will provide your body with a thorough moisture, this is done because of the humidity and warmth of the shower. Because this is a body lotion there is no need to use any other product when your done showering, if you still want to use something extra you can of course.

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